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Pet food


Extrusion: production of palatable, healthy and digestible feed for livestock

There are two issues for the industry producing feed for dogs and cats. The need for
product homogeneity is on a par with product digestibility for the animal.

Setrem has acquired valuable experience in designing the relevant extrusion dies. The
extruded shapes are highly varied in order to meet all market requirements. The feed can be
dry, semi-wet or pet treats, such as co-extruded products.

The design of the twin-rotor preconditioner enables incorporation of high-humidity by-
products (fresh meat for example).

The benefits of Setrem extrusion solutions:

  • Extruders capable of handling all product densities: floating, semi-sinking, sinking,
  • Production capacities for all volume throughputs: 40kg an hour up to 9 tonnes an hour,
  • Complete extrusion solutions, dryer included.