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Extrusion : a relevant answer for aquaculture food production

Aquaculture is the fastest growing animal feed sector in the world with an annual production of 34 million tonnes. One quarter of fish consumed by humans is produced by aquaculture. With an estimated population growth of 25%, it will be necessary to produce between 41 and 69 million tonnes of fish per year until 2020.

Foods intended for aquaculture must have high levels of digestible energy and amino acids available for growth, and they must be administered in the form of granules or extrudates. To enable the continuity and profitability of this activity, flours and fish oil will have to be used much less intensively in the future.

Extrusion is the only technology that allows the manufacture of floating food (for carp, tilapia, pangas …).
It also brings many benefits for flowing foods :

  • better hold in the water,
  • higher percentages of fat.

The SETREM extrusion system allows :

  • density management to better control the rate of flowing of food into the water,
  • the production of different sizes of pellets from 0.8 mm in diameter up to 30 mm,
  • the addition of fresh materials in the pre-conditioner.

The advantages of SETREM extrusion solutions :

  • Extruders capable of handling all densities: floating, semi-floating and flowing feeds,
  • Production capacities for all volumes, from 40 kg/h up to 9T/h,
  • Complete extrusion solutions, including the dryer.