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Our preconditionners


SETREM’s Preconditionner family has been declined into two different categories: single shaft and double shaft. The first category, well known in the Industry field, allows hydration around 5 to 7% of water. Water is injected in a steam and / or water form. The temperature can rise to 90°, retention time not exceeding 30 seconds even if we can raise this timing with a more important volume.

Depending on precondionner’s applications the single shaft one can sometimes be enough. However when precooked functions are necessary then it is better to work with birotors. We can sometimes even get 3minutes retention timing with hydration rate around 25 to 27%.

Blades are included in the mixing configuration allowing good mix quality. Each blade has its own function; the smallest one is going to mix while the bigger one is keeping away the product. Injections are also planned such as slurrys,oils to guarantee the perfect mixing homogeneity before extrusion.