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Preconditioner PBR500


Live bottom bin 800L

– SS304 construction,
– Useful volume of 800 litters,
– Extraction system at the bottom of the bin,
– Low and high level sensors,

Screw feeder

– Construction in SS ,


-3000 mm length preconditioning
– frame in stainless steel 304, composed by 2 stators ,
– 2 mixing shafts fitted out with blades with a manual orientation
– These 2 rotors are co penetrating and counter rotating.
– A manifold with manual valves in stainless steel for the steam injection in 6 points.
– Water injection manifold with 4 spraying nozzles closed to the inlet of the formula
– Temperature probe PT 100 at the end.
– One mild steel frame to support all the set.