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Mechanical components


This not only holds a sufficient stock of the formula but also helps ensure perfect product take-off.



The purpose of the feeder is to ensure that the product is put through at a steady rate. It may be of single-screw or twin-screw type according to the application.



A preconditioner upstream from the extruder offers a number of advantages :

  • higher rates of throughput,
  • steady operation,
  • less mechanical wear and tear,
  • uniform product wetting,
  • three-minute residence time,
  • a more palatable product,
  • increased starch gelatinisation,
  • enhanced product aspect and quality.

Preconditioner models may be of single-rotor or dual-rotor type to meet the requirements of the whole range of industrial configurations and guarantee a fast return on investment.


Cutting head

The cutting head comprises a set of interchangeable blades for optimum quality of product cut. It is articulated and integrated into the machine. Its ease of opening ensures that the extruder die is highly accessible, facilitating maintenance procedures. Setrem extruder dies allow a large number of product shapes to be manufactured.


Modular components

The extruder sleeve comprises various models of screws, steamlocks and barrels fabricated in high-resistance steel. Barrels are double-jacketed to enable heating or cooling and can be grooved in a range of ways.