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Who is SETREM ?


SETREM Extrusion


Complete extrusion solutions for food and feed

Since 1986, SETREM has been designing and marketing single-screw extruders and their peripheral equipment all over the world. Originally specialized in the dry process (manufacturing of extruded soybeans, cattle feed …), the company has considerably enriched its skills to meet all production requirements.

Customized solutions for all industries

Thanks to the flexibility of its extruders, SETREM has followed and anticipated changes in the market by offering tailord equipment.
Its extruders are as well adapted to the dry process as to the semi-wet process and make it possible to manufacture the most elaborate products.
The manufacturer offers complete lines, with capacities from 40 kg/h to capacities of 10 tons/h.

The advantages of SETREM solutions

  • Flexibility and robustness of use,
  • Low cost of operation,
  • Quality of extruded products.

100% multipurpose equipment to produce

But also used to

  • The processing of raw materials: soybean, rapeseed, wheat and other cereals.
  • In preparation for the mechanical extraction of oil on oleaginous plants.